Yacht Day Work Engineer

MCA qualified engineer available for yacht day work in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, ...

Short-term work that is usually carried out onboard under supervision

This may include maintenance, repair, installation of various systems and equipment on board the vessel.

Daywork is often needed by the yacht captain or C.E to help to fix unforeseen problems or to do urgent work that can’t wait for a planned overhaul. EYS can also be used to perform specialized tasks that cannot be performed by the regular crew.

Daywork may include tasks such as electrical, hydraulic or propulsion systems, repairing engines, setting up new or safety equipment, repairing piping, etc.

Our land-based MCA engineer may be called upon to perform day work in a variety of settings, including on yachts, and other small crafts. Daywork can be done individually or in teams with the crew, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

In a Nutshell